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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabric Part Deux: LA's fabric district

LA Fashion District:   glitz, glamour, the place to be!!! 

Well one out of three isn't bad. 
(disclaimer, these pics are from google.  I had an 18month in tow so I didn't bring my camera...stay tuned for pics of my finds later in this post.)

While the fabric district in LA is not the prettiest place to visit you can find great fabric at great prices!!  For example...designer cotton for $5-6/yd, minky for $7-8/yd, Tulle for 50cents/ get the picture.  They have what you need at prices you crave!

A few tips when you go:
1a.  Wear comfy shoes, there is noone to impress here. 
1b.  Look like you know what you are doing or you will get the "tourist price"
2.  Stores specialize in certain things, and there are several that specialize in the same thing
3.  That said, do not buy at the first store you find.  Go to each one and barter.
4.  That said, No doesn't mean no.  Just start to walk away and see.  If you are being reasonable they will    give you the price you want.
5.  The more you buy the cheaper it is.
6.  They ship, and it still saves you a lot of money!
7.  Bringing your impatient toddler is not reccommended.  LOL

I have been going to the fabric district for 2 years now and it doesn't lose it's charm.  I love my vendors.  I love wading through fabric and hoping the rolls don't fall over and bury me.  I love how every vendor tries to sell you something you don't need because it's how you learn.  I love the hot dog carts that I never eat from.  And I love my finds!

This trip was for my minky and faux furs for winter outerwear 2010.  And for velvet for fall/winter clothing 2010.  Here is a sneak peek.

If you sew the fabric district should be on your to do list.  You will be glad you went.

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