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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday!: All about fabric!

This week on a chat board a fellow seller asked if designer fabrics are worth the extra cost (to the seller and the purchaser).  It was a timely question because it was one I have been contemplating.  Just finishing my first dress collection I used all designer, Michael Miller, cottons. 

On the upside:  The prints are beautiful and unique, and the cotton is a heavier weight and feel nicer than most cottons found at the local fabric stores.  They also seem to shrink and wrinkle less.  You may want to consider the longevity of your product when selecting fabric. People buy products (and return to buy products) that last. And the designer cottons do.  Here are some of my selections for Spring/Summer 2010.

On the downside:  They cost twice as much as other cotton fabrics.  They are a little thick.
You can learn more about Micheal Miller Fabrics by following their blog

Now that I am looking to Fall/Winter 2010 and Spring/Summer 2011 I am exploring other fabrics. 

Stretch knits:  here are some awesome ones by Patty Young for Michael Miller click here to learn more

Cotton blends and stretch velour.  I want some knits that don't wrinkle and have a little stretch.  I found this vendor in Los Angeles.  You have to buy in bulk but they have a great selection!

Seersucker, this is a nice lightweight cotton for summer and you can get it very cheap.  Lots of seersucker available on  
Here is a darling little dress by sewsweetboutique:

and of course my faux furs for my outerwear collection.  Here are some from last year:

There is a lot of fabric out there, get outside the box and your local fabric store and explore and experiment.  Be sure to read up on fabrics before you buy.  Some require special cleaning, some shrink (a lot) like stretch knits, and some wrinkle like crazy.  Make samples in a few fabrics throw them all in the wash and see which hold up the best.  You want clothes that are easy to wear and easy to wash.

Happy fabric hunting!

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