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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Handmade Humpday: Fabulous Finds!!!

There is a lot I love about having a handmade business but lately what I love most about it is my new online community of people that make things for children.  Etsykids!  The talent out there is amazing!  Be sure to go to their web page and check out the summer shopping guide!  But just in case you don't click the link above here are a few fabulous finds from the Etsykids crew.

Talk about amazing and I want one of each!  These chairs and stools are awesome!!!  (Awesome in a yo yo gabba way if you know what I am saying.) 
Here are a few of my favorite stools.  Be sure to visit the link to see the chairs too!

These dolls are to die for!  Sure to be any little girl's favorite!

About MissBakerStitches:
I am a full-time Art Director for a national magazine. So I sit behind a computer all day long. I love that I can come home and sew. It is just another creative outlet for me that is stress-free. Another reason I love it is that I started sewing for my 18-month-old daughter before she was born. I got so many compliments on her dolls and clothing. One child can only use so much stuff. So now I can enjoy sewing for other people’s children and make some spending money doing what I love.

I am crazy about zebra and if you are too check out this shop!  Here are just a few of her wonders.  (She does a lot more than zebra so be sure to click her link.)
About DitsyBitsy:
My favorite thing about having a handmade business is that I am able to create unique items for my customers. Things that are not available in stores or anywhere else. It always makes me happy when they tell me that they love my work.

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